• SAP ERP Application

    SAP ERP Application

    Thinking of implementing and ERP or searching for highly experience consultant for implementation or support.

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  • SALEFORCE CRM Application

    SALEFORCE CRM Application

    Drive your marketing and sales team with CRM application that allows transparency and accountability

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  • Enterprise Analytics and Reporting tool

    Enterprise Analytics and Reporting tool

    DigitalE takes a pivot view into your organization data and recommend a range of trusted business analytics and reporting tool…

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    Looking for a reliable solution to create origination intranet portal. Leading organization implement Microsoft SharePoint as a secure place to…

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  • Digital Fixed Asset verification

    Digital Fixed Asset verification

    Thinking of performing verification Fixed asset assessment and verification for your organizational asset .We use digital software perform optimal fixed…

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  • DigitalE Enterprise Application

    DigitalE Enterprise Application

    We develop in-house Application for procurement, Operation Risk management and Treasury management.Do you have a unique requirement you think technology…

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  • Value Management

    Value Management

    How do you measure the Value your organization has derived from your technology deployment. Our Value lifecycle manager powered by…

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  • Process Automation

    Process Automation

    Try a process automation project to reduce human intervention on specific processes for tighter controls and error reduction. We design…

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  • We Build Companies

    We Build Companies

    We build internet driven business ideas to companies, we incubate the project and push to the market with our scalable…

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  • Process Improvement and Optimisation

    Process Improvement and Optimisation

    Looking for consultant with global experience to help implement simpler, faster and more dependable processes. Our consultant have several years’…

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  • The Artcabal

    The Artcabal

    The artcabal is a marketplace that connects Nigerian and African artist to Art buyers across the globe.We create online awareness…

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  • Helps & Tutors

    Helps & Tutors

    Helps and tutors is a secured place to find a helper or caregiver for your home. A secured platform with…

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